SpeedyAudit Lite

SpeedyAudit is a hand hygiene auditing app that works on a variety of different mobile devices, allowing you to capture hand hygiene actions, precautions and personal protective equipment with your phone or tablet. 

You can audit any healthcare facility type, using 4 and 5 moments of hand hygiene and In/Out standards. The tool also lets you easily view reports on your mobile device - with date, location and profession filters.

With SpeedyAudit Lite, when you are done auditing, you can easily send a CSV version of your data to your email account for further data analysis.

SpeedyAudit Pro and LTC will send your data to a centralized web portal, that allows you to: view and aggregate information from several different auditors, and /or locations; automatically create reports; analyze trends over time; set targets and much more. 

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SpeedyAudit is available in the App Store and Google Play Store:



If you are interested in SpeedyAudit Pro and LTC, see the corresponding sections below:

SpeedyAudit Pro

For Acute and Post-Acute Facilities:

SpeedyAudit Pro works for any type of healthcare facility. The tool gives you access to an online web portal that allows you view, aggregate audit data and create reports filtered by date, auditor, location and profession. Additionally, you can create:

Automated recurring reports (set up a report to be created daily, weekly, monthly, etc.. automatically),
Personal Protective Equipment Audit Tabulation,
Reports by Program,
Shared Reports (share a report with individuals via weblink and password),
Trending, Run Charts and Comparative Reports (may incur additional costs).

To learn more, ask about pricing or order SpeedyAudit Pro please click the link below.

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SpeedyAudit LTC

For Long Term Care Facilities:

SpeedyAudit LTC is exclusively for Long Term Care Facilities (LTC). LTC facilities can choose to purchase either SpeedyAudit Pro or LTC. SpeedyAudit LTC comes with a more basic feature set and a more affordable price to accommodate LTC budgetary constraints.

SpeedyAudit LTC gives you access to a web portal that allows you to view, aggregate audit data and create reports filtered by date, auditor, location and profession. The tool also lets you create recurring reports - enabling you to automatically generate a report on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

SpeedyAudit LTC costs less than your average cable bill. 

If you would like to learn more, ask about pricing, or order SpeedyAudit LTC, please click the link below.

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